Personal Prophecy

This is your time to receive an anointed revelation into the thoughts of the Lord for your life in the coming year-2017 is a year of RENEWAL and RELEASE. It is my heart to speak comfort, edification and encouragement and to ignite a deeper passion for God and the life He has given you.

God wants you to step into the next season of your life with confident assurance that He has plans to work everything for your good and His glory; He wants to initiate explosive growth and activate a steady harvest in the lives of all of His children.

I will provide an ANOINTED, SPIRIT-LED, and POWERFUL Word within 30 days. An opportunity will be provided to sow whatever love offering the Lord speaks to your heart to give.

Update: Because of the amount of volume of requests for personal words I have been receiving and the amount of time I have available for seeking the Lord on behalf of each person being limited, I can no longer guarantee I will be able to respond to every request. Those requests that are not accompanied with a donation will be done on a first come first serve basis as my schedule allows.

“Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”
-2 Chronicles 20:20b

Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Carmen Martinez- I listened and I was blown away, in tears. God is soo real and His presence is so tangible. I am truly overwhelmed by His love. He is sooo good and faithful. I’m so thankful that God used you to minister to my life. I am encouraged and I receive this prophetic word for 2017. Thank you so much for your obedience.

Danielle Shirley- I just listened to your prophetic word’s and I just want to say thank you so very much!! You have confirmed so much of what I felt like the Lord was telling me! I am so grateful for you taking the time to speak this over me. It was a lot of the thing’s of my heart that I have poured out to the Lord for a while now. I was in tears but they were tears of joy. You are such a blessing Desert Rose in Bloom thank you!

Celina Wetherington- I listened to the Prophetic Word and I wanted to give you feedback. I think it is amazing that God reveals these special things to his people through others. All of what you said was accurate and bore witness. Thank you for your prayers and blessings.

Geeta Virginia Samuel- I just got my prophetic word and really I felt encouraged and blessed by all that you said to me !! Praise God so much confirmation and comfort in what was said and coming through from you !! God bless you for being used.

Danielle Stoker- I would 1st like to say thank you to Emily-Rose for sending me my personal Prophetic Words for 2017. She touched on all that is going on in my life and struggles I’m currently having. She provided me direction and insight through God and I could not be more thankful. Emily-Rose thank you for taking the time to address my request. Thank you Lord for speaking through her. God bless you.

Jade Mead- Every word of the prophecy I received was total confirmation it was jaw dropping ,tear jerking, amazing words that could have only come from the lord Almighty there is no way she could have known she even spoke of things that I’ve dreamed about that noone but those closest to me and God knew about! Ty so much for being so obedient desert rose in bloom! And glory b to God Almighty he made sure that there was no way I could doubt the words that were being given to me! Praise God I believe it, receive it, and speak it everything in that prophecy shall come to pass the lords word will accomplish that which it was sent to it will not return void! If u r waiting be patient and ready to receive exactly what the lord wants to say to you!!

Donna Lusk Redding- I received mine today and let me say only God could have told you what to tell me because you knew everything going on in my life without me telling you! God truly speaks to and through you! You answered all my questions without me even asking you. Thank you so much!

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