Walk In Freedom and Power

You are not a victim, a pauper, a crippled or one that is powerless against the forces of wickedness. You are My child, blood bought, redeemed, forgiven, sanctified and made holy. Rise up from the ashes of defeat and despair with a battle cry of freedom! The chains of your past have been blasted wide open. Walk out of the open prison doors.

Why do you doubt that I am able to perform that which I have promised and that beyond what you can comprehend? My wisdom is unfathomable; do not doubt My sovereignty in your life.

Do not complicate what I have made crystal clear. When you have grown to love Me enough that you are willing to stake your life on My word, laying aside all your baggage, I will show you the power that is available through My life in you. Do not imagine you can walk in the power I have promised while you are still holding fast to your life. I have told you, those that seek to save their life will lose it.

If you are not experiencing the abundant life I have promised you, know beyond a doubt that it is not because I am withholding any good thing from you. Unsurrendered flesh is not capable of receiving what the Spirit offers; apart from Me there is no life. Do not be deceived. If you love the world or anything in it, My love is not in you. The bounty you long for flows only out of the life that I offer you.

Anything you put before Me is an idol and a stumbling block. Your idols can not save you. You will not hold onto those things you won’t release to Me. They will turn to dust in your hand or become a snare to you, leading to destruction.

Clarity will come through your obedience. You will see Me as I am when you step out on My word.

Lay down your life. Pick up your cross. Follow Me. I will fill you with the power to conquer every enemy, the provision to meet and exceed every need in super abundance, and the wisdom that comes from heaven to lead you into all truth. You will be given supernatural powers to be used for My glory and the furtherance of My Kingdom and gifts, both natural and spiritual, to distribute to the needs of My saints and also to My lost children as I direct.

I am anointing every yielded soul with a healing balm. I lead My people through the fire to burn away all dross. I am the refiner and am making pure golden vessels for noble purposes. Quiet your soul before Me. My grace will empower you to walk through the flames without being burned. Everything that is binding you is being burned away.

Walk in freedom. Do not say you will be free of this or that in time. Now is the day of salvation. It is not I that have refused your deliverance. I am going to show you in the coming days how any powerlessness you feel is only because you have forfeited your blood bought rights through your doubt and unbelief, refusal to submit to My words and ways, or setting anything before Me in your heart. Accept the truth that I show you. I am about to translate you into a realm of glory you have never experienced before.

‘The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.’ -1 Corinthians 4:20

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