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Prophetic Word : August 2017

August is a month of the NEW! Old things have past away, behold, all things are made NEW. Trauma, waiting and confusion are being replaced with pleasures, fulfillment and clarity in measures that will require MORE from you than you are currently believing yourself capable of. I am pouring out My tangible blessing in moonsoon measures on those that will hear My voice, see the vision, and give Me their all. I want you to hand over ALL of your past disappointments, ALL of your grievances, and ALL of your doubts and unbelief. I am making you into a vessel fit for noble purposes. You are to be and do My will in the earth.


What I am releasing to you this day, week and month will extend over the next 40 day. A FRESH
anointing of power and provision is yours for the taking. I have released those things for which you have been praying within My will. You are no longer to slump over in a position of dashed hopes. Stand up! Wake up to the spiritual realities of abundance I have poured into your lap. There are traumatic events and setbacks that have not come from My hand but which I have allowed and am working for your good and My glory. Ask Me to open your eyes and ears to make clear how these things are a part of My plan of redemption in your life. I will speak to you in parables, symbols, dreams and visions in NEW ways as you open your heart fully to Me and your life to My ways.

At this exact moment there are angelic messengers of revelatory knowledge ready to release into your understanding the ways in which all things that have been being complete last month have transitioned, and are transitioning, into the NEW thing I have promised to do in your life. Ask and turn away from all that distracts from hearing My voice and open your hands to receive your prophetic insight into the deeper inner workings of your life circumstances.


Rise up and stir up your spirit with the excitement of the task at hand. The new season that has arrived will require you to act on your faith. Respond to those things that do not appear to have changed with the utmost confidence that you have received what you have asked for. You must walk forward, work hard and praise Me in confidence as you move from point A to point B, gathering and gleaning what you will need to have the provision released for your journey from point B to point C. When you have done your part while trusting Me to do what you can not do and moved from point B to point C, you will find what you need to move from point C to point D ripe for the harvest. Some are sitting in an ash heap at point A waiting for or bemoaning their arrival at point D. To them I say, “Get up, pick up your bed and walk!’ I am providing supernatural power and prophetic revelation to all those that are willing to trust that now is the day of salvation.


The NEW blessing and NEW ways that I am operating in your life this month will produce some soreness as you press into the task at hand. Just as a heavier weight requires more work to lift and can lead to muscular soreness, so My abundance will require more spiritual power to lift and may leave some feeling as if they are having to do more strenuous work. Do not shrink back in fear or misunderstand the uncomfort as if what I require is a hard thing. My grace is sufficient. As you practice receiving from Me MORE you will adjust and be able to appreciate the NEW thing without being distracted by that which is foreign and at times taking you out of your comfort zone. PRESS INTO THE PRESSURE.


For those that have been willing to drink from the cup from which I drink, I am promoting you through multiply levels of glory over the next 40 day and into a place of intimacy with Me that will make the responsibility that is being added to your life feel to you like the blessing that it is. You will no longer be bound by the lies of the enemy that stamp ‘Burden’ on what I have pronounced a BLESSING. This is not the month to hold back from Me. Give passionately and without restraint. Make room for Me to do a NEW thing by releasing ALL you have and ALL that you are into My capable hands. I am turning your understanding upside down. If you try to lean on it, do not be surprised when you feel let down and of balance. Do not be surprised by the way the NEWNESS of what I am doing seems strange and peculiar. I am eradicating from your life your tendency to be led by natural desires and inclinations and pouring through you heavenly perceptions you have not yet known.


The words systems, prince of the air, and flesh, not controlled by the power of My spirit, have conspired against many of you to keep you from My banquet table of abundant pleasures and from experiencing My joy which empowers those that are walking in it to rise above the bounds of the natural universe into the heavenly realm where I have called them to walk with Me through life.

This month many must, by an act of their will, make room to receive the NEW pleasures and NEW blessings by determining to make NEW decisions. Practical steps of obedience must be taken, particularly with the body, which is My temple here in the earth: NEW eating habits, NEW spending habits, NEW exercise habits, NEW relational habits, NEW habits of managing time.
Make way for the NEW thing that I am doing by releasing the OLD worn out methods of coping and reacting that are numbing your spiritual senses. WAKE up to the truth of My word and show Me, yourself and those around you that you are fully convinced My ways, which are higher than your ways, are able to accomplish in and through you what is needed to empower you to receive ALL the NEW and true PLEASURES and BLESSINGS I have commissioned for your provisioning in this season of ABUNDANT HARVEST!

Walk In Freedom and Power

You are not a victim, a pauper, a crippled or one that is powerless against the forces of wickedness. You are My child, blood bought, redeemed, forgiven, sanctified and made holy. Rise up from the ashes of defeat and despair with a battle cry of freedom! The chains of your past have been blasted wide open. Walk out of the open prison doors.

Why do you doubt that I am able to perform that which I have promised and that beyond what you can comprehend? My wisdom is unfathomable; do not doubt My sovereignty in your life.

Do not complicate what I have made crystal clear. When you have grown to love Me enough that you are willing to stake your life on My word, laying aside all your baggage, I will show you the power that is available through My life in you. Do not imagine you can walk in the power I have promised while you are still holding fast to your life. I have told you, those that seek to save their life will lose it.

If you are not experiencing the abundant life I have promised you, know beyond a doubt that it is not because I am withholding any good thing from you. Unsurrendered flesh is not capable of receiving what the Spirit offers; apart from Me there is no life. Do not be deceived. If you love the world or anything in it, My love is not in you. The bounty you long for flows only out of the life that I offer you.

Anything you put before Me is an idol and a stumbling block. Your idols can not save you. You will not hold onto those things you won’t release to Me. They will turn to dust in your hand or become a snare to you, leading to destruction.

Clarity will come through your obedience. You will see Me as I am when you step out on My word.

Lay down your life. Pick up your cross. Follow Me. I will fill you with the power to conquer every enemy, the provision to meet and exceed every need in super abundance, and the wisdom that comes from heaven to lead you into all truth. You will be given supernatural powers to be used for My glory and the furtherance of My Kingdom and gifts, both natural and spiritual, to distribute to the needs of My saints and also to My lost children as I direct.

I am anointing every yielded soul with a healing balm. I lead My people through the fire to burn away all dross. I am the refiner and am making pure golden vessels for noble purposes. Quiet your soul before Me. My grace will empower you to walk through the flames without being burned. Everything that is binding you is being burned away.

Walk in freedom. Do not say you will be free of this or that in time. Now is the day of salvation. It is not I that have refused your deliverance. I am going to show you in the coming days how any powerlessness you feel is only because you have forfeited your blood bought rights through your doubt and unbelief, refusal to submit to My words and ways, or setting anything before Me in your heart. Accept the truth that I show you. I am about to translate you into a realm of glory you have never experienced before.

‘The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.’ -1 Corinthians 4:20

Divine Setups

Be on the lookout for divine setups. One of the ways the Lord is going to be bringing deeper revelation this month is by orchestrating opportunities that He knows will uncover hidden things in your soul (mind, will, and emotions).

Don’t despise the testing. Remember the testing of your faith produces perseverance. There are going to be situations that stir up emotions, fears, doubt and unbelief. Don’t panic!

Recognize and ponder your responses and follow them back to their root. Not everything is as it seems at first. Life is not just randomly happening to you. All of the days of your life are written in God’s book.

This will proceed that. Unhealthy patterns and responses are being exposed, doubts and fears are going to be challenged and revealed invalid, what was once thought to be needed will be found to be undesirable, control will be revealed for the illusion that it is, lack a lie, and the idea that God is holding out dispelled in preparation for the divine exchanges this month that will be a part of the life Upgrade in 2017 that God desires to give.

The Great Romance

Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Comparison kills contentment. You are a unique creation of the God of the universe. There is a portion of God’s glory only you can reflect. There are good works God created in advance just for you to do. The enemy wants to keep you focused on what other people do, what they look like, what their gifts are, and what they have that you don’t have or what they don’t have that you do because he understands that when you get ahold of the truth of how much the Lord has blessed you with, realize your gifts, talents and potential, and begin to see yourself as fearfully and wonderfully made, you will begin to blossom into the person He had in mind when He created you.

In Christ you are beautiful, powerful, interesting, and worth being pursued with ardent passion. God loves you and longs for you. Thoughts of you are always before Him. He wants you. He longs for deep intimacy with you. He is planning adventures for the two of you to take together and sprinkling divine connections and appointments at strategic points along your journey to brighten and enrich the enjoyment of your life with Him. He sees you in your peril and loves to come to your rescue. He enjoys making plans for your life that are exclusively designed to fit who He has created you to be. There are desires He has placed in your heart as the starting point on the treasure map of your destiny; seek Him and the hidden jewels of their fulfillment along the path of your life.

Drop your defenses and lay aside what is dead and over; open yourself and make room for the overflow of all that God is and all that He has for you. Remove what is blocking the flow by taking your eyes off of what it is you believe you are lacking. Freely you have been given, freely give. As you shift your focus to the Lord, your desires will shift. When you mindfully seek the Lord with all of your heart you will enter into the Great Romance. Allow yourself to be discovered. Dig into the heart of God to see yourself as He does.

Turn from those empty and broken cisterns that leave your longing unfulfilled and your affections unreturned and turn to the Living Water and the Lover of your soul. He will never compare you to another. You are a prize that is sought after. God longs to be close to your heart and gave all He had to secure a way for you to be bound eternally to Him with nothing separating, nothing coming between or muddying the deep waters of spiritual intimacy He created you to share with Him.

He wants to be your hero and rescue over and over again from your shared enemy. He will never leave you or forsake you. There is no limit to His grace and the power His love has to save. He will not stop chasing you until He fills every chamber of your heart, infuses all of your desires to His, cleanses every memory of its power to defile, transforms your personality into who He has created you to be, and frees your soul from all of the debris of the world, the flesh and the devil. He will not stop and will not hold back. He is pressing in on every side to mold you; searching out every angle to find any opening through which you will allow Him to enter in. His goal is your total surrender and abandonment of yourself to His perfect Love.