Prophetic Word: A Season of the Bizarre

I caught myself saying, ‘How Bizarre’ at least four or five times within a matter of days recently and asked the Lord if there was something He was trying to convey to me through the- even more than typical- strange and unusual ways He was working in my life. His response to me was that He was using the experiences I was having to open my ears to what He was wanting to say to the body of Christ for the duration of what is left of the summer.

I’ve been fasting, taking notes, and keeping my ear tuned in to the secret place whispers of the King as He unfolded this word ‘Bizarre’ to me, explaining how it pertained to the body of Christ in this season.

Bizarre is described as something very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.

I have had many visions of the mailroom of heaven filled with packages that are ready to be sent forth to the recipients that have aligned their lives with heaven through a deep consecration and surrender in order to be used for the purposes of God here in the earth during this exciting time of revival that we are entering into.

I see a light and jovial atmosphere in this room of presents from the Lord. Angels are laughing, lighthearted and with great anticipation of the surprise that these gifts from God are going to bring into the lives of those that are going to be caught up in something beyond their typical, life as usual routines, as they open their assignments, are introduced to new connections, and are provisioned in outlandish and unprecedented ways.

I hear the Lord say that what He has for many in this hour is ‘Newsworthy.’ There will be specific pathways and airways on the mountain of media that are being cleared of darkness and given over to the prepared ones with innovative ideas in business, entertainment and ministry to be carried around the world. There are packages addressed to, “My Kingdom Pioneers.’ Convention will be thrown out the window in favor of the personalized, fresh off the heavenly presses, strategic plans.

God is calling on water-walking believers to get out of the boat and make large investments to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth by living out of the secret place revelation and deepest place desires that God has placed within the hearts of His faithful ones.

There has been a separating out for many people and a desert season of being hidden with the Lord. But through this summer there will be a slew of Kingdom alignments for those that have walked away from dead or fruitless relationships in this last season in order to go forward with the Lord. Some God ordained relationships that have been surrendered will begin to flourish under the care of the Holy Spirit and the stay out of God’s way approach to those that have been interceding. There will be a ten to hundred fold return in relationships. Kingdom minded people will be moving forward together in community to accomplish God’s Kingdom Purposes. Heart to heart connections will be introduced through peculiar means that will have the mark of divinity all over them.

Those that have walked away from or severed unhealthy soul ties, by the leading of the Spirit, will be receiving bothers and sisters in Christ into their lives that will carry a ‘eternity connection anointing’ on them. The intimacy will be immediate, to the point of being unsettling. Be at peace. Don’t allow the intensity of the relationship connections to stir up old fears of abandonment. Hold everyone lightly with a joyful heart and leave your expectations for outcomes in Christ’s capable hands. These alignments are for God’s purposes to manifest. Keep this front and center on your mind and you will be freed from the concern of the risks associated with loving well.

Do not consult the opinions of those that are not walking with the Lord as to what is happening. Do not be alarmed. Be lighthearted and enjoy the unique ways that the Lord is leading you and revealing His heart and will for how He wants you to make intentional decisions by faith in the coming weeks.

In order for your packages to be received, you must be willing to not have all of the details figured out ahead of time. God’s strategy in this season is to walk by the Spirit and be led forth by His Word and the signs and wonders that will be lighting up the path of those that are willing to move at the impulse of His love and the direction of His word.

Radical obedience, fearless decision making, and breaking with those things that are a part of the status quo will open you up to the BIZARRE assignments that will bring with them a BIZZARE anointing to carry them out. Get ready to laugh, and to laugh hard. The bizarre assignments are meant not just for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom but for the merriment of God’s people. Holy laughter will help alleviate the unsettling emotions tied to doing things as you have never done them before.

The Lord is calling many out of bondage to negative or sinful habits, mindsets and motives of past seasons. Get ready for a mass deliverance! Ancient wounds that have held you and your loved ones back, stubbornly resisting intercession and the discipline of the Lord, causing many to grow weary in their faith, are going to be blasted loose as we enter August, the month of BIZARRE deliverances.

The Lord has impressed strongly on my heart that August is to be a month of joy and enjoyment. The positive faith of the people of God will move mountains. This is not the time to second guess every decision made from the deep place of the spirit within you. A miracle working power is available that will break all logic. There is an extra-ordinary anointing that will flow into a peculiar people that will be bold and dare to step out on the word of the Lord.

Decide today that you will begin to look at every unexplainable event or circumstance with eyes of faith and absolute certainty in God’s goodness, confident that God is orchestrating events to bring about an outcome that will cause many to see His glory and favor in your life.

I see a vision of a throng of people fully embracing their unique calls this summer. Gifts and talents that have laid dormant because of schedules, people believing that it was impractical to invest time and energy into, are going to be resurrected in kooky ways by the Lord. Keep your eyes open for how He will be not only granting permission to delve into those quirky interests you have thought frivolous, but He will in many cases be dropping strategy for using your unique abilities for Kingdom purposes.

Bizarre opportunities are on the horizon for many people that have refused to follow the desires of their flesh but instead held fast to the true path that leads to life. This summer will be marked by elevation into new realms of authority that can come only from the hand of God’s favor being made evident in your life.

There is also a warning in this word. Fear, pride and giving continually into the lusts of the flesh will keep people locked in a holding pattern where the sameness of the battle and the sameness of the assignment will block the NEW life from entering in to break the pattern. Renounce and repent. Surrender and refuse to serve your flesh but determine only to serve God and the purposes He has for your life.

Gods will, God’s way, and God’s timing will bring about a God sized breakthrough. Unusual travel plans will emerge as from the Lord for some. Abrupt change of plans will lead others into unusual favor with the right people at the right time. Where there were blank spots our question marks in other plans, God will be sending BIZARRE answers that will be clearly uniquely designed to wow you with His goodness.

Dare to embrace the bizarre and lay aside all preconceived ideas about how God is going to work in and through your life. Creativity is going to flow flow flow. Step out and create using the strange and unusual patterns that the Lord is sending you in night dreams, day visions, impressions and through every imaginable BIZARRE way that the Lord so choses to speak to you. Let God completely out of your box. Verbalize to Him your willingness to give Him total freedom to speak and operate in your life however He sees fit. Determine you will trust in His goodness with more tenacity than you ever have before.

WATCH HIM MOVE IN THE MOST BIZARRE WAYS IMAGINABLE! You will laugh at how masterfully He will design your days, with your God given quirks very personally in mind. Prepare to come off the shelf and be used for His glory. He will do it!