Prophetic Word for the Ladies

Ladies, the enemy knew the power that God had planted within you through your God ordained femininity and godly vulnerability. He sent his craftiest and cruelest demons on assignment as early as they could gain access to you through your ancestry to thwart the high call on your life. They patiently and meticulously plodded along day after day, week after week, year after year, seeking to erode your understanding of how loved and valuable you were to God, and maneuvered through the sin of others to destroy your faith in God’s desire and ability to protect you. They whispered lies to you that you were not pretty enough, smart enough, calm enough, or good enough; they used the insecurities of those that should have seen how wonderful you were, and in turn cherish you, to drive their flaming arrows deep into your heart with their rejections. Over the years and through the various relationships you encountered they created strongholds in your thought process; walls were built to protect your heart. What you didn’t realize until the damage was done, was that these walls held you captive to a cycle of wrong attitudes and bad choices that locked you into a pattern of pain that seemed to have no end.

The enemy has a hit out on the sexual and feminine identity of women as God created them to be. Without divine intervention from the hand of God, many women will never taste the sweet freedom from being either too gullible and giving or too harsh and unforgiving, or a swinging pendulum between the two extremes. Satan loves extremes. He loves to squeeze and confine, coiling his slimy serpent self around the heart of a woman until it bursts from the pressure of the assault and stops flowing in the life blood Jesus Christ for herself and others.

Your enemy wants you confused and anxious, longing for a love and acceptance that always seems just out of your reach. He wants to drain your heart of hope and bleed your life of purpose.

For many, His work has been done so craftily that he needs only to make a deceptive suggestion and slink back in the shadows to watch in glee as you curse yourself with your own thoughts, words and actions. His goal is to watch you self-destruct, because he knows what many of his victims do not, that he has no real authority to destroy one of God’s chosen ones unless they willingly submit to his plans for their destruction.

The Lord is saying to all of those held captive to the false narrative created through the curses of their blood line and the lies that were embedded in their conscience through wrong interpretations of their sin stained past, ‘I have come to set you free. By My blood you have been washed clean. In Me you are a completely new, radiant beauty, fashioned in My heart, created as an object of My longing, mercy, and great affection. I call you chosen. I have blessed you. You are One whom is highly favored, anointed by the King, sent forth on assignment for My heavenly Kingdom. You are not ordinary. You are My unique, one of a kind creation, and I love you. I am pouring godly wisdom over you as you press in to know Me more. You are created in My image, born to reflect My beauty and glory on the earth. Your fears are unfounded. They do no originate from the center of who you truly are.

I am breaking down the ancient barriers and flooding the places in your heart vacated by the dark places that you once hid your face from My love. I am healing the scars that you have been ashamed of for far too long. I sent My Son to take away not only your sin but your shame. What was done to you in darkness, what you did in response to your shame, has been washed away. The spotless Lamb has paid the price. Your account has been paid in full! You are not to work to earn your way back into My good graces. Walk freely in the grace in which you already stand.

Find the courage to be bold and courageous by offering your beauty and vulnerability as led by My Spirit. Let Me protect you and measure back to you the justice for which your giving deserves. Be strong and wise, do not chase or beg as if you are a penniless pauper in need of anything from anyone that is not aligned with My heart and plan for your life. Look to Me as your sole Provider in all things and I will balance the scales.

The decisions you make, as led by My Spirit, this month, are setting a great many stories into motion of which I have called you to play a pivotal part. Step in step with Me we will pioneer a way for others to travel, equipping them with the tools and knowledge that will flow from the anointing I have placed upon your life in My Holy Spirit.

Take of your shoes. Reverence My Presence that is with and in you this day. The place on which you stand is Holy Ground. You are a Holy Place in which I have chosen to dwell.