Comfortable in Your Skin

Many people have felt strange and different their whole lives and believed this is a bad thing. If you didn’t fit in, chances are it’s at least partially because you either didn’t try to, or weren’t good at fitting into societal molds.

It’s time to embrace and celebrate yourself as a unique, one of a kind creation of God. You don’t need to be liked by everyone to carry the favor of God on your life. Shift your faith. The King’s heart is in God’s hand and he is ready to turn it in favor towards those who please him.

Let the people who want to walk away go. Don’t waste time concerning yourself about how others view you. I’m not suggesting you become self absorbed but learn to be your own biggest fan and cheer yourself on. Speak kindly to and about yourself. Speak what God has said about you, even if you don’t fully believe it. Even when you aren’t living it out.

You are a righteous, strong, beautiful, gifted, creative, overcomer. Claim it. Live it out.