“Let Go’ Prophetic Word 4th of July, 2014

A vision: I see a roller coaster. I am riding it and the people riding with me are exuberant, filled with joy and excitement, hands up in the air, laughing and screaming. There are a few that are gripping their safety bar with white knuckles, looking pale, faces filled with anguish and fearful anticipation, hoping the ride will soon be over. Not me though; not most of those around me. It dips and turns and soars quickly up to mountainous heights, plummeting down the other side before zipping around a corner and then another.

‘Let go if holding on to something too tightly because it is perceived as bringing a measure of safety to what seems like a season of danger. There are things in this season that are coming one after the other with non stop bombastic force. Do not fear. Do not dread. Put your hands up in the air in praise. Shout for joy. Laugh and love. There is no real danger! Where is your sense of adventure? Embrace the things in your life that make your heart skip a beat because of the unexpected bends and turns; yes, even the unexpected peaks and valleys. This is a season of celebration. It may feel scary but if you will change your perspective you will see that you are completely secure on the track of My choosing. I am using this season to build your courage. Trust Me with all of your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding.’

10 thoughts on ““Let Go’ Prophetic Word 4th of July, 2014”

  1. Oh that’s encouraging! I’m glad that your comment had me revisit this word. I needed to read it today myself.

    On the 4th of July after a great week, while on an invigorating walk I climbed down the embankment to Little Sugar Creek near my house, kicked my shoes off and dipped my feet in the water while soaking in the presence of God. Looking and listening I wrote this.

    Fast forward to this week. I am now one of the people in the vision clinging to the safety rail with white knuckles. My spiritual face has probably been pale and I have been in a bit of ‘fearful anticipation, hoping the ride will soon be over’ about one situation in my life. Reading this I gave a deep sigh of relief in rememberance and am again letting some things go.

  2. Wow thanks for dropping by because when I found this I had a witness in my spirit – and it got confirmed later that day with a photo! Also. between that I recalled another word on this. Have scheduled full story, including the above with accreditation, for publication tomorrow. This will make a fantastic, clean start for August after the past few naff days.
    Thanks so much for being a blessing Emily Rose.

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