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A Word to the Wise

Ask the Lord for discernment in relationships. Not everyone is about their Fathers business to bring Him glory. You can love and serve all those that God sends to you, but be selective about who you trust yourself to in friendships and alignments. Not everyone is for you!

Honestly, many people aren’t for anyone but themselves and this doesn’t always reveal itself with blatant selfishness. What to look for in friendships? Those that are faithful to God, not for what He can do for them, but out of humble gratitude for what He has already done. Avoid yoking yourself with those that won’t serve God without the spotlight and praise of man. It’s great to encourage others but someone that is motivated by the praise of man is an unstable man that shouldn’t be trusted.
The road to life is narrow and few find it. Don’t be shocked and surprised when you encounter people that are only for you or with you if it is going to build their ministry, their image, or fulfill some other need they have. Faithful servants of the Lord are few and far between. When you get connected to a mature and humble servant of God, cherish them and commit to walk beside them in service or in discipleship as the Lord leads. Don’t be to them that one I am warning you to watch out for that is only in it for themselves. Sow where you are fed and give honor where honor is do.
Like attracts like. Don’t be surprised when some of your relationships and alignments are interrupted in this season. Many are being promoted into the next level of glory in God and He will prune the toxic or fruitless branches in the process. Let them go!!! Their release makes room for the fresh heavenly manna that God wants to release into your life. You would be astonished if you could see in the Spirit realm how many things are blocked from flowing into your life by the refusal to go through the pain of letting go.
Onward and upward Kingdom people.