Cast Your Care

Stop trying to take care of yourself and let Me take care of you. You fret and worry; plan and connive, all the while I stand patiently waiting for you to turn your ear to My Words to you.

My words are life and will be a light showing you the way you are to walk.

Your worry offends Me.

Do you not understand that I have worked out every last detail in a plan of care for you and the ones you love?

Cast your care on Me.

I am not asking you to abdicate your responsibility, but to stop carrying the burden of care that weighs you down and steals your joy and hopeful anticipation.

15 thoughts on “Cast Your Care”

  1. Our stories are truly of Biblical proportions even though there are no stories in the Bible that capture this kind of painful journey. Most of the stories are about married couples waiting for a baby but none about waiting for a baby without having a husband or a wife. Jacob’s journey really does not provide comfort because he is the one who said he would work for seven years so he could marry Rachel, and he had a tangible date (like a finish line). I can relate to your plight in numerous ways. Now I see why the Lord brought you and the colt that was tied to the tree to mind a few days ago. Our stories have several parallels, to include the two of us being tied to the tree (the Lord) while waiting for the one He ordained for us to get closer to Him (all in), and consequently us. We are tethered to them, through the Lord, but we are probably more aware of it than they are, and we are not in denial.

    You mentioned the timing of everything and I can relate to that too. There was a time when I felt as if the conditions were perfect for a reunion but now they are not (based on my limited point of view). So now I just hand everything over to the Lord. It seems as if there are now more things that I will have to lean on the Lord more heavily for Him to keep together. I can relate to Sarah when she received the news that she would have a child within a year and she laughed because she was finally going to get the opportunity when she was very old. She probably thought about her more capable years to carry and then care for a child. Chasing after a child, or anyone for that matter, was probably not a part of her plans. At the time when she probably felt least prepared was when the Lord told her she was ready. The Lord’s thoughts and ways are definitely not ours, even though we strive to be more like Him as we attempt to understand His thoughts and ways.

    When the Lord inspired me to start writing poetry a few years ago, He also inspired me to number them. I am happy that I did because now I am up to 1,519 poems in less than 3 years, many of which contain prophecies that have come to pass, and others are pending. I have not physically seen my beloved in years, I have not even heard about her from anyone. But I am grateful that the Lord reveals her to me via dreams and visions, He inspired me to enumerate those too. In the meantime, similarly to you, I try to avoid looking out my window. I recently officiated a wedding and thoughts of my day came to mind. And, in an interesting twist, one of the bridesmaids resembled my beloved. I could not get my beloved out of my mind even if I tried.

    Despite all of the pain, I still love and trust the Lord. I have a deep appreciation for what you are going through. Some people would question why we are waiting for that specific person, but it is more than waiting for a person, it is waiting on the Lord. I accept nothing that is contrary to the Lord’s will, even if it seems better or more convenient. If the Lord is willing, I can write a book about this journey, I have been working on the manuscript for years.

    On a final note, I am laughing because of what you said about when the Lord says “soon”. Revelation was written about 2,000 years and one of the things the Lord said was that He was “coming soon”. A day for Him is truly like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. The word soon makes me laugh, like Sarah.

  2. I am no longer concerned with when. It caused me too much heartache and disappointment, plus I have just come to the point where I realize Gods ‘soon’ can take awhile. Plus, because my desire for it to happen quickly caused me to misunderstand (with loads of confirmation to back up my revelation) about a specific time, I’ll leave the when part alone. This is a man I dated for about 5 months, but broke up with when it came to the point where I realized to continue on I would have to put him before God. He revealed that he was mad at God and wasn’t willing to surrender his life. I knew to stay would hinder Gods work in his life and causer to stumble. I did not create any ungodly soul ties with him through sexual impurity. Really its been one of the most painful things I have ever endured. I suspected but wasn’t for sure, that he was the person God had chosen for me when we dated but it wasn’t until I left and went on a 21 day fast that God told me he was His best plan, if I was willing to pray and wait. Anyway, on the one hand, it would be wonderful to see him surrender his life to Christ (I know he has been being changed during this time but has yet to go all in with God), but on the other hand I see God is still at work in me and wonder if I am even ready at this point, which is kind of funny because I felt so ready years ago. I just found out my son will be living with me at least another year-perhaps it is best for it to be uninterrupted by his return? I do not know. I am going on with my life. I love him and think about him and pray for him daily (and dream of him or as him at night) and I do have hopeful anticipation for our future, but try, even if not always successfully to hold my breath, sit on the edge of my seat, stand on the porch… you understand what Im saying; just trying to balance moving forward with God and waiting on my promises to be fulfilled without losing my mind.

  3. I am in the same boat with you, full of faith, simply waiting on the Lord to tell me to come out and step on the water. I asked the Lord to show me the one He ordained for me and I was shocked when He showed me someone from my past. I met her almost 5 years ago but I did not know why until 2 years later. The Lord has been gracious enough to reveal certain things that He has in store for us but He did not let me know I would have to wait this long (I know you have me beat). He even inspired me to write my wedding vows last year. I thought that meant He was going to unite us a few months later – I can laugh about it now. I felt the pain a few times when I thought He was going to bring us together, but instead, I got a taste of what Joseph went through when he thought the cupbearer was going to help him get out of prison. I even had a visitation around this time last year and the Lord told me that He was getting ready to bring us together. But instead of keeping my mouth shut, asking when He will do it, or saying thank you, the words from my spirit to Him were, “No, I don’t want to lose my relationship with You.” I meant it but I certainly learned that you cannot give a prepared speech to the Lord. I finally received the time frame a few months after that visitation followed by confirmation a few months later.

    I think we can both relate to Abraham’s story because we received the promise but we did not think it would take this long. Of all the promises Abraham received, the one that provided the greatest amount of reassurance was when the Lord said, ‘I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife will have a son.’ ~ Genesis 18:10 We definitely have to pay attention to what the Lord is saying or we may start prophesying to bones before it is time for them to get resurrected. I laugh sometimes when I hear people decreeing and declaring something based on faith; sometimes faith requires revelation. Peter was in the boat but he did not simply step out on faith, he waited until Jesus told him to step out of the boat. I pray that the Lord will expedite the process and show up with the one He has for you, call you out of the boat, and tell you that your wait is over.

  4. Amen! I remember, and if I forget I have diaries to remind me, of my timetables for God. I knew there was a connection between us. Now I see it is likely because you have been shown the person God has for you and shown to wait. I am in this same boat. Waited 9 years to meet this person and its now been 5 years and 3 months I have been waiting for the person I already met. During those early months and years, when I felt so certain of a few specific time frames, I don’t know if I could have/would have been able to hold on as I had been instructed to had I not had those specific time frames mapped out. I ate a lot of crow, when after declaring the thing that I believed would happen at a specific time didnt.

    All I am saying is ‘This may take awhile…’ Hold on, God is working, but ditch the time frame, it could cause you to end up disillusioned and confused and question you heard from God on the matter at all.

  5. Amen! When we become adults we become less dependent on our parents, but when we become adults as a child of God we become more dependent on Him.

    I used to develop plans, some of which were meant to “help” the Lord but they all failed; doors that I thought were open or would open were bolted shut. I learned the hard way, but I learned. Now the Lord has a major promise to fulfill to me by the end of this year and I am not worried about how He is going to do it; the longer He takes is the less I will have to do. For as the Lord said to Moses, ‘Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.’ ~ Numbers 11:23 (NIV) “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” ~ 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

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