Spacing my children 21 years apart= God’s idea

When people say, ‘You sure are starting over,’ I can’t help but think that’s not it at all. In Christ each and every day is a day for new beginnings. Having another baby, birthing new life of any kind, whether in the natural or spiritual, is not a reset but the continued reality of everyone that finds their life in Christ.
I have been carrying this dream as ‘the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen’ for seven years while busying myself with what God has placed before me for that day.
Keep your promises for tomorrow close to your heart but develop the potential that is in your lap currently. No reason to worry and pine over those things which are already yours by faith. They will arrive in time, when you are ready.
Thanking God for my son, Forrest Rain, who turned 21 this week and for the undivided time I was able to invest in helping him develop his gifts, talents and potential so that he was ready for launch into the world at God’s appointed time.
God knows what He’s doing. Focus on Him and doing the assignment that is before you with excellence and care. God is chiseling you away, building you for your dreams fulfillment and fulfilling your dreams and using you to help fulfill the dreams of others in a step by step process.
Do not allow time to be a tyrant in your life. Appreciate the people that God has entrusted into your care during this season. Single parents, this is for you, cherish and savor your kids, don’t pine for a spouse to be your savior. You already have a spouse and a Savior. He knows what you have need of. Rest in Him.
Married? Wishing your spouse would grow up, soften up, wise up, or rise up so you could just enjoy your life? Place them in God’s hands, confident of His ability to meet your needs all by Himself, and go ahead and enjoy the time you have been given. Love. Love. Love.
Practice the Presence of God during every season and time will be nothing more than the measurement that it was created to be. You can experience life above it.
To everything there is a season. In a difficult one? It’ll pass, may as well go ahead and receive the available grace to live above your circumstances.
Give yourself fully to God and the moment that you are currently in. No worry. No dread. With God in charge it’ll all work out in the end anyway.
Here’s some pictures of my magnificent first child and myself over the years. I had hoped and prayed that I wouldn’t be a single parent for many years before releasing the belief that being married was the only way God could give me and my son His best for us.
God has promised to be a Father to the fatherless. He knew that for us, this was His best plan. SO thankful for the opportunity to experience God as husband and provider while raising my son. I learned to lean on Him in ways I could have never thought possible and for things that weren’t possible without His miracle working power coming through for us.
Forrest is one of my dearest friends and greatest blessings; a beautiful testimony to the grace of God to stand true to His promises.
(Can you tell I’m feeling Forrest’s distance today? I was up in the middle of the night face messaging him video clips of his little sister wobbling objects on my belly with her kicks last night. Love that young man to pieces!! He has such a great personality and wonderful sense of humor. He’s on contract with the Hong Kong Ballet so we have to catch each other at odd hours to talk.)

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  1. Iam glad to reach out and share this emily. Thanks for the love God has put on your heart for children.

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