D.C. Adventures With Abigail-Rose

Abigail-Rose and I decided to go out on an adventure today and walk to the Washington National Cathedral about an hour from our hotel. I didn’t realize we would be passing rows and rows of international embassies. I knew right away it was to be a prayer/prophetic walk.

It was a slight drizzle the whole way but if felt lovely as it was also uphill and I was moving quickly to get my exercise. I prayed, pronounced, and prophesied over many countries as I past their embassy. It was an exhilarating walk. A lovely adventure.

I came up on the back side of the church just in time. Abigail-Rose woke up hungry within moments of me settling in on the bench in the empty and open church yard. We had a breath-taking view of the cathedral for her feeding before taking a tour inside.

The entry was $13 and required going around to the front. We entered through the handicap door on the side because of the stroller. I asked the Lord to send someone to tell us there was no need to pay, as it had started to rain harder and it would have required we circle the building. The lady at the information desk told us to go ahead and tour without charging us.

What a beautiful building! The stain glass was magnificent and the individual chapels beneath, filled with mosaics, tombs, paintings, and pews, would have been well worth walking around a bit longer in the rain and paying $13 had God not given us favor.

Loved our girls day in D.C. I’ve determined not to just stay in the hotel working the hotel the whole time we are here, but to get out at least one afternoon per trip to do some sightseeing. When I told Dave this morning before he left for work that I intended to go see the national cathedral he was thrilled. He told me he had popped into a chapel near his work yesterday and was blessed to see some pretty stain glass. He thanked the Lord and asked God if He would bless me with something even more wonderful while we were here.

I am married to my best friend. I love that man!