Savor the Life God Has Given You

There is such a strong temptation to compare our marriages, finances, looks, careers- basically anything in our lives to other people’s. It’s dangerous ground people. Comparison often produces covetousness, which leads to greed, bitterness, even hate and theft.

God has created us all with distinct differences in our genetic and life plan make-up. True joy and peace comes only from being in the center of God’s will for our own individual lives; this will include different things for different people.

One mother would be miserable working outside the home, while another would not reach her full potential without an outside career. One child is destined to go to college, while another is born for the arts or an inventor. One persons spouse is perfect for them, but would be a disaster for someone else. Each life is precious in His sight.

Savor your life. Rejoice with those that rejoice, knowing God has great plans for us all!!!

Oh that we would spend less time concerning ourselves with other peoples business and go about doing our Father’s specifically ordained business in our own lives. What bliss and oneness we would experience as a body, moving effortlessly with Christ as the head.