We Sow. We Water. God Brings the Growth.

Whenever the Lord leads you to speak the truth in love into someone else’s stronghold be aware that adding your own two sense can derail what God is wanting to do. Give the word time to work. Don’t cave into the temptation to help God out and keep talking once the Spirit is silent.

Once you allow your flesh to get involved, chances are it will also activate the fleshly pride of the other person. They will then be able to dismiss you as controlling, judgmental or unloving and throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak by clumping what the Spirit spoke with your carnal input.

Get out of God’s way and let the sword of the Spirit make its cut. When you need immediate acceptance and evidence of change more than you need to stay in tuned with the ways God works through you, you will miss many opportunities to be fruitful and affect change in other people and in your relationships.

We sow. We water. God brings the growth.