And After The Flood, New Life

In some areas of your life you have felt as if you are just drifting along, being carried by the current of circumstances that are beyond your control. In many ways your understanding of your life has been incredibly limited. At times you feel that I have just been allowing you to tread water indefinitely, with no real purpose or end in sight.

What you see as drifting, I see as positioning. I have told you before that your circumstances are not random, and indeed they are not. I am proud of you; you have finally stopped thrashing about as if you were drowning and remembered that I am with you in all things. But you are to grow further, past simply recognizing that I am here and still working behind the scenes, into a place where you recognize that each situation, relationship and trial has been specifically designed to show you something about yourself that you would not have otherwise realized.

Things are beginning to come into focus as you look back and remember how everything that I have walked you through, impurities in your character, and imbalances in your life, were brought into the light and dealt with.

Turn around and see all the dead weight that has been shed throughout the years!

You are not endlessly drifting!

You have been afloat on the ocean of my love. With each storm you have sought out those things within your spirit that weigh you down and holds you back and have cast them overboard.

Look behind you. Do you see the trail of useless things floating away on the currents of life as you sail into the sun, light and free? The darkest nights of the soul, the fiercest tempest, have made you brave and strong, recognizing that which no longer serves a purpose in your life and casting it aside.

Now, not only do you realize that I am with you, but that I am not asleep in the boat.

All power has been given to me in heaven and earth.

I am not only with you, I am for you. I have been preparing you for something greater than you can even now imagine.

Can you see now why I have commanded you to rejoice in your sufferings? The hope that you now have can not be taken from you!

Now prepare yourself. Brace yourself. Raise your level of expectation higher than you have dared to raise it before, because coming into your life this year is a flood of blessing; a harvest from the seeds of faithfulness that you have planted and cultivated these long years.

Look around you now, whatever lingering habits, relationships, or activities that are pointlessly taking up space and choking out life, toss them overboard. I declare today is the day of power to solidify your will against all that clogs the wells of life from springing up within you.

As in the days of Noah, when I caused a flood to rain out of heaven and water to spring forth from the earth to destroy what had been formerly created so that life could begin again through the righteous man, Noah, and his family, so is the floods that have been allowed into your life.

Only the relationships and provision that I have ordained for you will be carried into the new life I am creating, and as with Noah, I have supernaturally brought to you those things which you need for success and survival.

You have believed my promises and held tight to the dreams and visions that I have placed within your heart, sacrificing many of the comforts and securities that come from relying, not on Me, but on your own understanding.

Your faith will be richly rewarded.

Step out of the boat and onto dry land. Receive unimpeded a new life full of grace, provision, favor, creative power, divine connections and relationships, healing power and fullness of joy.

8 thoughts on “And After The Flood, New Life”

  1. Isaiah says when the enemy shall come in like a flood the Spirit of the Lird shall raise up a standard against him. During your flood season look around for what God is raising up. He even uses the plan of the enemy to move us coward into our destiny. God bless you!

  2. Yay! I’m blessed that you were blessed by it. I know God is moving on our behalf this week to heal, deliver, provide and comfort.

    Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
    -1 Peter 5:7

  3. I can look back over the years now and see how God has used hard situations and disappointments to teach me to lean more on him and less on myself, people and my own understanding. I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade the experiences that have caused me great pain for what I have gained. I am growing more and more stable in my faith, little by little.
    Thanks for giving me your input. I love connecting with others here on wordpress- a true blessing!

  4. You are a dear brother in Christ with a big heart. I pray that God strengthen you during this season of pruning as God prepares you for even greater things than you can now imagine!

  5. Absolutely lovely!! We cannot see the bigger picture as He sees it – partly because we only have a little candlelight with which to see and partly because he wants us to trust Him. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The beautiful thing about my present suffering is the bountiful encoursgement I have recieved from brothers and sisters like you on this site.

    Thank you so very much

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