Thankfulness, Hearing God Speak, and Walking By Faith

Join me today in taking up arms against the enemy of ours souls by having a thankful heart that expresses itself through attitudes and words that confirm our faith in God and His goodness.

Let’s go forward with expectancy; believing Gods favor rests on us; that He is working all things for good; and that His grace Really is sufficient for us.

If your feeling pressured or hounded to ‘figure things out,’ do not lean into your own limited understanding.
Pause. Close your eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths and say, ‘Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.’ Consciously breath in His peace and breath out your problem. Release control to Him.

Remember who you are. Remember Whose you are! You are a child of the Most High God, set apart and made holy by the blood of the Lamb. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Every tongue that rises up against you in judgement, you will show to be in the wrong, for God made him who knew no sin, to become sin, that you might be made the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ.

Got it? Okay, bask in these truths until your soul is settled down into His peace. Now in this clarity of mind ask God what He would have you do. He may speak something to you immediately. Do it without hesitation. It may not become clear right away. Do not worry. Ask in faith what your part is; ask for wisdom, now return to your daily duties in full confidence that He will reveal Himself and His way to you for whatever problems you face.

If you are not hearing God speak, or recognizing his guidance, look for ways to make more room for Him in your week. Inactivity does not always equal unproductiveness! Quiet time is the perfect time to reconnect with God and your own heart.

Don’t neglect to read God’s word! The exact wisdom, comfort, or encouragement you need could be tucked away in the pages of the Bible. Read it!

Ask for God to open your eyes to all of the ways He speaks to you throughout your days. Your daily lives are ripe with parables that explain the mind of Christ. Pray for ears to hear and eyes to see!

Finally I say, walk in love! If you don’t feel loving, that’s okay. Determine in your heart to act lovingly and to replace every unlovely or impure thought that pops into your head with loving and pure thoughts.

Exercise your love muscle! Your feelings will fall in line eventually. We are called to walk in love, not to feel lovingly.

If you are still not hearing God speak personally to you giving direction,Β consider that often, in order to hear from God, you must first be willing to do whatever He says.Β 

Sometimes we want to hear first before we make up our minds to obey. That’s backward. Determine first to obey no matter what, at any cost, then you may find the way was clear all along and it was your own unwillingness or hesitation that obscured it.

Also, once you do hear, obey without hesitation.

Don’t stand on the shore waiting for the water to part when you have heard God say ‘Cross to the other side.’

Begin walking in obedience by faith!

The waters will either part before you as you step in or God will enable you to walk on the water to the other side

How can I pray for you today? There are strength in numbers!

24 thoughts on “Thankfulness, Hearing God Speak, and Walking By Faith”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Most people expect that if they hear the Lord speak it will be via a thunderous voice that shakes the ground beneath them. But there is no need to shout when a gentle whisper will suffice. I was recently busy doing things for the Lord and the more I did, the better I felt. Then He graciously let me know that I had been doing things for Him but He also wanted me to do things with Him. Like all relationships, our relationship with the Lord includes spending quality time together. Again, great post. It is good to know that you recognize that the Lord still speaks (to the “heart”).

  2. Emily- I did end up resorting to the prescription cream. (something I had all along, like you said!) I probably should have sooner, but I like to do things as naturally as possible. πŸ™‚ It has really worked wonders and brought him back from the brink. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. I enjoy your poetic writings. You lay open your heart and life very beautifully with words. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for stopping by my blog too sister! 😊

  4. I’ve let fear hold me back in several areas on and off for all of my life but every time I step out in obedience even when I am afraid and God shows up, I gain more and more confidence in Him.

    I hope your having a great week Tiffany. 😊

  5. Using topical steroids causes permenant skin- thinning. Also, when we’ve used them his molluscum starts growing out of control (little warts, similar to herpes, I guess). He probably picked it up in a jungle gym or something with his thin, broken skin.

  6. I definitely will. I am in the same boat with you on this one. Audition season is in full swing for my son too. What is she auditioning for? I may have read about her before but I read a lot of blogs so I am not sure if I’ve read you write about her before or not.

    I am praying for God to make our path straight, to shut doors that need to be shut and open doors that need to be open and I am praying for favor with the right people.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for your prayers. I will be praying and seeking God’s answer as well. We have just started giving him baths with about 1/8 cup of bleach out of desperation. We do have steroids but I don’t want to use them as they have bad side effects.

  8. I am praying for your son’s healing and for God to give you wisdom and lead you to the right solutions. I saw this yesterday but didnt respond right away although I was praying as I went on my way.

    Something happened since then I feel led to share: I pretty much have had a perpetual issue with having to blow my nose for years now. It’s obviously some type of allergy. Mostly its just annoying, but occasionally it will be worse and Ill get a sinus headache and slightly nauseated bc of sinus pressure. I have tried allergy meds in the past and never noticed much improvement and some made me nervous and some made me sleepy so I just don’t bother. Yesterday was one of those bad days; woke up with headache; had nausea and sinus pressure.

    I went to bed hoping I would wake up feeling better & I dreampt. I dreamed I was talking to a lady that told me Zertec was what I needed to take, that it would be perfect for making me feel better. She was standing behind a case, like a glass jewelry case in a department store and inside the case were several samples if Zertec. My headache & sinus pressure were in the dream & I knew I had just lost my insurance and was thinking I wanted to try and steal one of the samples bc for some reason she wasn’t able to give them to me. I woke up at that point from the headache and discomfort & went for water. I rummaged through my medicine cabinet half asleep and low and behold there was this generic version of allergy medicine that said ‘compare to Zyrtec’ in small print among the boxes and bottles of vitamins ect that fill a shelf. Only one pill was missing. I don’t recall when I bought them or tried them. I took one and went back to bed. I woke up and felt great and have all day. I had only taken one of those pills prior, only one was missing, and apparently I didn’t think it worked or made much difference, or perhaps it was one of the ones I thought had some undesirable side effect so didnt try it twice.

    God showed me in the dream how I thought the solution was beyond my means to secure, I think the jewelry case symbolized its value to me and the fact that it was only sample packets that I just needed to try it to see if what the woman had told me (that Zertec was exactly what I needed) was true or maybe since I am now feeling led to relay this to you it symbolizes something a Dr has given as a sample of? I dont know for certain, but the way the dream unfolded showed my belief that God was withholding it from me (As I believed I had no way to get it unless I stole it). God woke me before I stole in my dream and showed me it was there in my cabinent and that I had the means to feeling better within my reach all along.

    Anyway, after having prayed for you two yesterday I felt led to share. I pray that just as God supernaturally gave me the name of what I needed, He will do the same for you.

    Whatever the answer is, it is within your reach right now without you realizing it, perhaps something you have actually already tried. God is not holding out on you even though right now it may feel that the solution is not within your reach.

    I am praying that your faith will be strong that God has already prepared and released the solution for your son and will reveal it to you, even through supernatural means if necessary.

    God bless.

  9. “Don’t stand on the shore waiting for the water to part when you have heard God say β€˜Cross to the other side.’” Great words – sometimes we have to be willing to move our feet, even when we are fearful. Your post was very encouraging – a call to action!

  10. I would ask that you pray for doors to be open for my daughter. We are currently waiting on scholarship news from two schools and headed to another competition tomorrow. Pray God’s will to be done. Thank you.

  11. Emily, please pray for my son. He is only 6 but has a serious battle with eczema. It has taken over about 80 of his skin. he has ongoing staph infections because his skin is so raw. We need God’s wisdom and help to beat this. Thank you and God bless. oh, his name is Gabriel.

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