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Fresh Prophetic Word!

Do not fear. Do not dread. Do not worry. Do not run from or hide from Me or you will miss what is coming in succession; a series of answered prayers, many of which have been held back from you in seasons past, have been and will continue to arrive as you put your hope fully on My desire and ability to come through for you.

You must step out in faith and let go of all that you are holding onto for security. Surrender all you are and all you have. Consider it all as belonging to Me; follow Me in all things with no hesitation. Empty yourself of yourself and spread wide your arms to receive My abundance.

I am coming with recompense and reward. You will reap what you have sown. I have taken notice of all you have given with Me in mind. Your continued generosity and obedience have removed that which was blocking the flow of provision.

I have stored every tear that has fallen from your eyes as you clung to Me even when you did not fully understand where I was leading you. Your faith and endurance will be richly rewarded.

The testing season has given way to a season of progressive UPGRADES. Ready yourself to be taken by storm. My blessing and provision are blowing in where the natural earth meets the supernatural ocean of My love. I am passionately in love with you and have been waiting for you to come to Me arms open wide with no pretense, no agenda, no opinion and no holding back. Full surrender, full confidence, full expectation of My goodness has changed the tides. Nothing can hold back My hand from moving on your behalf.

The purity of your heart and the sincerity of your love for Me blesses My heart more than you know.

Come to Me naked. Come to Me unashamed. I have cleansed you of your former sin and delivered you from your former shame. I put a garment of praise on your back, a crown of beauty on your head and place My signet ring of authority and power on your finger. Go forward in expectancy and assurance.

Stop flinching. Remember the empty tomb. Death can not conquer My life in you. The end will not resemble the beginning.

Headed to the post office now to send a few more signed copies of my new book ‘Blooming Where You’re Planted: 52 Prophetic Words for Being Fruitful In and Out of Season,’ to individuals that have purchased them through my online store.

The box of books pictures here are those that have been donated by generous supporters like you! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ I am taking them to a women’s work release program for female prisoners and sending a portion of them to a homeless shelter in Arizona where a single mother with three children that follows this ministry is currently residing. She reached out to me last week and asked if there was a book fund she could apply to for herself and other ladies there. I was glad to tell her there was!!!

Your support is making the difference in the lives of others❣

If you would like to sow hope, life and encouragement into the lives of female prisoners and women struggling in homelessness by purchasing a book or several books for donation please follow the link below for instructions.

You can also purchase a book for yourself on Amazon or if you would like a signed copy sent directly from me to you go to my website and order there.


Blooming Where You’re Planted

I need your help getting copies of this book of prophetic inspiration into the hands of women that are in circumstances that may seem like God has abandoned them to bring them into intimate contact with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Love, the God of all-comfort.

With your help, lives will be changed, hope will grow and women in incredibly difficult circumstance will be encouraged to Bloom Where Their Planted!

Straight from the heart of God, ‘Blooming Where You’re Planted: 52 Prophetic Words for Being Fruitful In and Out of Season’ will feed your soul and speak directly into relvant life circumstances to bring a wealth of help, comfort, wisdom, peace and strength.

Purchase one for yourself and make the difference in the life of incarcerated and homeless women by your donation of an additional book(s) through Emily-Rose Lewis Ministries.

Today I am having fun signing and packaging these books to send to those that have already purchased their copy while praying the Lord make a way for me to distribute countless more through prison and homeless outreach. I need your help!

The child in me just loves stickers. πŸ˜‰ Especially puffy ones.

http://www.emilyroselewis.org/store/ for info on purchase or donation

Prophetic Word: Angel Encounters

The Lord has sent forth angels into the harvest field of your prayers for loved ones! I am seeing prayers to God and efforts to bring revelation and repentance to others that have felt as if they were falling on deaf ears being brought to fulfillment in supernatural ways today and over the next couple weeks.

Ask the Lord to give you and your loved ones eyes to see the hand of God moving and revealing hidden things through supernatural angelic encounters.

These supernatural encounters are going to convince and convict in ways that will tip the balances in favor of truth and justice in your life and in particular relationships and for people that you have been standing in the gap for.

God is softening hard hearts, delivering people from long held strongholds and bringing redemption and restoration for His glory and purposes to be accomplished.