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Prophetic Word: More With Less

The Spirit of the Lord has been impressing on my heart that He wants to do ‘More With Less’ in the lives of His people. This past season of pruning may have caused some to lose heart or misunderstand what God was up to in their circumstances and relationships, but the Lord is saying,

‘Take courage! I am going to do more with less so that you will know that it is by My hand that you have been saved. I have cut away only what was no longer needed in order to make your life more fruitful. It is by My power that you will accomplish that for which I have purposed to do in and through your life.
‘Do not look to the hand of man or mammon to support you. Instead, take My hand and allow Me to lead you the steep way, up into the mountain peaks. From these heights I will speak to you and show you those things that you could not see in the shadow of the valley of doubt that you are now passing out of.

Come alone with Me. Do not turn back in longing for the things that I have removed. I have stripped away only those things that were hindering your dependence on Me. Why do you think it a burden to be brought to a place where you now know I am your only hope? I purposefully placed desires within your heart for the fulfillment of impossible things. Remember I have spoken to you that what is impossible with man, is possible in Me. There is nothing in My plan for your life that you can not accomplish if you are willing to stake your life on My promises.

If you will dare to believe again, and keep on believing, you will see all that I have promised you come to fruition. Do not allow bitterness and unbelief to set in and poison the waters. The clean water of My Spirit must flow freely in and through you if you are to flourish in the land of promise I am bringing you into this year.

When you see that you are surrounded by enemies, and you know that you are outnumbered, it is good to recognize that you are too weak to fight alone. Turn to Me and I will give you courage. I will instruct you. I will give you the exact time and method that is to be used to lead you to sure victory. Your confident assurance and bold obedience will be a sign that I am with you in all things. Trust me and I will throw your enemies into confusion.

I have ordained your victory because you have given your life to Me and long to please Me in all that you do. I have purposefully crafted the promises I placed in your heart to be too lofty for you to even imagine you can see their fulfillment without My hand moving on your behalf. I long to be involved in every detail of your life. It is My desire that you seek Me out and speak to Me about everything that concerns you. If you can accomplish your dreams apart from Me, they have not been inspired by My Spirit that lives in you. Let your fear drive you deep into My heart. Spend ample time in My Presence to be refreshed and encouraged to believe.

It pleases Me that you have a passion to see My hand move miraculously in your circumstances. I will glorify Myself through your walk of faith. Cling to Me, knowing that My sovereign hand will guide you in all things.

Refuse to doubt what I have spoken because the odds are stacked against you. I am doing more with less. I am multiplying your little exponentially in this season if you surrender all that you have and all that you are for My plans to be fulfilled through you. There is nothing too hard for Me. Whatever you have in your hand, consecrate it to Me. Whatever you give to Me, I will multiply. Follow Me and I will lead you; I will give you the wisdom and understanding that you need each step of the way to accomplish those good works I have created in advance for you to do.
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The Season of the Open Door

Have you been stuck in a place of indecision? Are your energy levels low? Has discouragement set in from having your hopes deferred for so long? Is your spiritual life fallen into a lethargic state of passivity? Or are you standing strong in hopeful anticipation of the breakthrough that you know God has promised you, full of love, joy and peace as you speak forth the thoughts of God over all that concerns you?

No matter what group you fall in, hopes up, hopes down, or somewhere in between, God has a door of opportunity for you to walk through in May that will catapult you into new levels of glory than you have ever experienced before. Many of you have heard of ministers preaching and teaching of an ‘Open Heaven,’ or an atmosphere of glory permeating particular places or people that have come into alignment with the Father and received His powerful anointing to accomplish great and mighty things and wondered if that type of experience was reserved only for specific people and ministries.

I prophesy today that the weight of God’s glory is coming into your life as you take bold steps of faith and obedience and enter into new realms of glory through the spiritual and natural doors that are being supernaturally opened before you in this hour. Your mind may have planned for things to happen one way, but the Lord has directed your steps and is bringing about the open doors through new ways, by means that you had not considered before. He has been making your path straight, even when you have felt there was no order to the way things were unfolding before you.

Your perceived weakness that you believe disqualifies you from the abundant portion being offered you this day is NOT causing your Father in heaven to pause and reconsider being GOOD to you in greater ways that you could imagine. God has seen your faith in His goodness, even when your circumstances seemed to scream at you that He has turned a deaf ear to your cry and is not going to come thorough for you. He sees you taking steps of obedience in the dark, trusting that His Word is true and holding on against all hope to His promises. He has been there when you have stumbled in the darkness and lifted you back on solid ground. Nothing is a surprise for Him. He has a plan to weave everything that you have walked through into a pattern for your good and His glory. PRESS IN WITH HIM IN PRAYER AND FASTING. FAST IN FAITH. FAST FOR GREATER MEASURES OF FAITH TO ENABLE YOU TO RECEIVE THE GREATER MEASURE OF GLORY THAT GOD IS BRINGING YOU INTO THROUGH THE DOORS THAT ARE OPENING BEFORE YOU NOW.

God is not a miserly God measuring out His abundance based on your worthiness!

God is not and has not been holding out on you. Many have become discouraged by prophetic words they felt were for them that have yet to come to pass, when, where, how and through whom they believed they would. This is the time to LET GO of your opinion of the vehicle God will use to bring forth the miracles that will usher in the fulfillment of long held hearts desires. The Lord is saying that He knows you better than you know yourself and has not refused giving you His best for your life. Many have been unable to receive His best, because they were locked into narrow mindsets and perceptions, opinions of what they believed would be for their highest good. God has not denied you, but protected you from what you couldn’t understand in the level of glory you were currently in.


These open doorways into new beginnings will only be discovered by those that have surrendered and stepped away from the doors that have been completely shut. Stop trying to knock down doors that God has shut. I saw a vision of someone in the valley of decision. There were two doors. One was clearly shut and the other was clearly open, yet still they looked confused and believed they didn’t know which path to take. I speak clarity in the name of Jesus, be confused no more about what has been made abundantly clear to you. Walk boldly through the OPEN door.

I was prophesying this past winter that the Lord was removing those things that were blocking what He was wanting to release in peoples lives. If you have been in a season of pruning, cleaning your spiritual house, the Lord wants you to know that He is proud of you! He considers you a friend because you have not only heard the word, deceiving yourself that this alone would move mountains, but you have heard the word and set out to do what it says. You have shown by your actions that your faith was not dead and God is crediting it to you as righteousness.  You are God’s friend. By faith receive the confirmations that He has been speaking to you throughout your days.

To those that have neglected to stay close to God, not doing what they have heard, the Lord says, ‘Fear not.’ Today, if you hear His voice do not harden your heart. PRESS IN WITH REPENTANT FASTING. FAST TO WORSHIP. FAST TO PUT GOD BACK ON THE  THRONE OF YOUR HEART. FAST FOR HEALING. The mercy of the Lord is new every day. He extends mercy. A bruised reed He will not crush. THIS WORD IS FOR ALL WHO WILL BELIEVE. God’s favor will bring you into places that you do not deserve; God’s favor will turn things around in your life as you step into all that He promises you by faith. He pays the same wages to those that have toiled one hour that He pays that have toiled all day. (Matthew 20:1-16)

To some the open door will lead to moving into a new locations; jobs, churches, homes or travel to new territories, to others the open doors will lead to job, financial, relational or health upgrades, and to all that are stepping though these open door there will be a new spiritual atmosphere where the gifts of the Spirit will increase in your life, there will be a greater anointing to flow in the supernatural provision of God, a fearlessness in giving as abundance in the natural will be moving to and through you in accelerated amounts. NEW innovations and ideas will be released from the Holy Spirit within you as you put pen to paper and mediate on the goodness and majesty of God. NEW LEVELS of energy will begin to pulsate through the body of Christ as a renewed desire to walk in divine health rises, causing many to change the habits of their bodies to meet the demands of the new thing God is doing to bring you into an understanding of His Kingdom authority operationing through you on the earth.

Get ready in prayer and fasting! Get ready to have what you imagine and speak to become a reality in your life as you walk humbly before the Lord in obedience in surrender.

🔥🔥🔥 Super Powerful Prophetic Word About Personal Relationships!🔥🔥

God is wanting to do an amazing turn around in your relationships in this season. Feeling stuck? Like you keep coming up against some of the same issues? Like the people around you are holding you back in some way?

Guess what? God wants you to know that your breakthrough is NOT in their hands! God is wanting you to partner with Him against the forces of darkness and those things that are BLOCKING your forward momentum in relational growth. This is the day and hour to move into a spacious place of unity in an abundance of love, joy and peace.

The Word of the Lord today is, “Humble yourself and I will exalt you. Examine your life before Me in the secret place, and I will show you how to come up even higher in Me. It is in knowing Me more that you come to know yourself better. Spend time in My Word and bask in the light of My Presence. Share your heart with Me. I would much prefer you come to Me in humility, asking that I reveal any area where I want you to come up higher, than for you to suffer the consequences of any pockets of deception you are carrying in your heart about yourself and your life. In coming to Me in humility, you avoid Me having to touch your circumstance to get your attention or having to be humbled by someone else uncovering what is in darkness. I am happy to reveal what is needed to remove the blocks directly to you.

It is I who purifies and refines. It is I who reveals and elevates. It is I who heals and redeems. I am the One that can make the changes that you long for. Allow Me to form in you a character that is strong enough to carry the high call I have on your life. Allow Me to have full reign in your own heart.
Defer to My loving ways in all relational interactions. Me Word applies to you. My ways will work through you. My interest in people are to be manifested through you.

To those who have ears, hear Me speak. If you want to see Me formed more fully in others, allow Me to form Myself more fully in you. You are longing for others to see Me as I am because you rightly understand that if they see Me as I am they will be smitten by My beauty and majesty and never be the same.
You are My ambassador. You are the light that is to shine. When you come to Me, believing your light is being extinguished by the darkness in others, you arouse My jealousy. Light can not be overcome by darkness! It is only in putting yourself or others before Me that the light within you is dimmed. When I am on the throne of your heart, no darkness will overcome you.

Set aside your need to be understood by others and come before Me. I know you completely and completely love what I see. You are the apple of My eye. You are special. My personal love for you is uniquely yours. There is a faucet of Myself that I created you to reflect to the world. Come to Me. See Me as I am. See yourself as I see you. See those things in you that are not reflecting My glory and therefore not reflecting who I have created you to be and renounce them.
I love the way you are. I not only notice all the little things that you do that make you, distinctly you, I thought them up. I was there when you were in your mothers womb; I rejoiced with the angels when you were born into the world that I created for you to fill and subdue.

You are My idea and My creation. I have planned out all of the details of your life. I know the end from the beginning. There are things about you that you have yet to discover. When you walk closely with Me I will unveil you, first to yourself and then to others, to bless them with the gift that you are and to help them become more of who I created them to be.

Shift your focus and relinquish control. Focus on Me and cooperate with My work in your own life. You will come into greater alignment with My thoughts, and plans to use you to impact and change those relationships that are in your inner circle. Your influence will have a ripple effect, growing in ever widening circles, as your light shines brighter and brighter. You are called to be a light shining in a wicked and depraved generation to draw more and more people to the beauty of My glory revealed through your life.

Allow the work of the cross to be completed in your own life. The power of My resurrection life in and through can not be contained. The power of the cross always spreads in ever widening circles through those that have truly been transformed by it.

Set your sights higher!’

Prophetic Word for 2018: Kingdom People. Kingdom Purposes

Part 1 Prophetic Word for 2018:

God wants to do an amazing work in 2018 to accomplish His purposes in and through Kingdom minded marriages.

God is able to heal and restore your marriage. Invite Him to thaw frozen hearts by the warm breath of Holy Ghost breezing through your homes.

2018 is a year of new identity. There will be renewed commitments, purpose and passion in many marriages that have been floundering. Forgiveness and grace are the keys. Prayer will open the windows to allow the winds of a fresh anointing to blow away the ashes of yesterday and replace them with beauty.

It is imperative that you allow the Lord to heal your hurts, and restore your hope, by placing ALL of your expectations and demands for justice in God alone. Refuse to worry or doubt. God is moving to unveil treasures hidden in the rubble of past destructive patterns of relating and responding.

Settle once and for all in your heart that God is sovereign, and relinquish control into His capable hands. He is establishing individual battle plans and pouring out His wisdom and Kingdom strategy for marriage reconciliation.

There is a rebirthing in marriages. Marriages that have been body and soul only will be coming up higher into a Spirit connection and alignment for God’s purposes to be done.

Natural marriages will undergo a metamorphosis into covenant marriages.

Attacks will no longer be from within the walls of the camp. Unity under Christ’s leadership will shore up defenses. Forward momentum in mission minded matters will begin to accelerate. God’s plans will emerge and be made plain for the purpose of unifying couples through a shared calling.

Passion in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm will be ignited by the spontaneous excitement of new spiritual discoveries. Treasure seeking couples will strike veins of golden opportunities. God will pour out His abundant provision to enable these opportunities to be seized.

Many couples will travel overseas in 2018. I see a lot of motion as married couples; traveling for business, missions as well as for pleasure. ‘That’ place that has been on the radar of your imagination is now within reach. Unity and alignment, void of the distractions caused by operating in false identities, are catapulting couples ahead in the maturing of their marriages. The year(s) of stagnation are being unblocked and fresh waters will flow freely, carrying old debris away from the source of the refreshing fountain of the Spirit.

A return to Eden is underway. Shame will be eradicated. You must forgive. Go to God for healing. Refuse to look back and measure your chances for change by the measuring stick of past experiences.
2018 is a new year. God is carrying many people forward, 2 by 2, for His glory to be revealed through Kingdom marriages.

Part 2 Prophetic Word 2018:

In 2018 God is peeling away the old, dead nature to reveal the truth of the new creature in Christ you now are. People will step into the fullness of their new identities. People will begin operating from the position of their God given authority over the spiritual forces of darkness that have held them back from having everything Christ died for them to have in years past.

Old mindsets, habits, relationships and perceptions of God will be transformed, making way for new ways of thinking, acting, relating and viewing God.

Those that have felt common and ordinary, will experience themselves as royal and extraordinary. Believers will present themselves to the world as ambassadors for Christ- equipped with authority and full provision to conduct His business in the earth. Others will take notice of the change and their responses will shift to accommodate the new creature that is before them or they will be removed to make room for divinely aligned partners that are united for Kingdom purposes.

Inner circles will be changed to ensure like-minded connections are in place to accomplish a shared mission.

The accounts of heaven will be pulled from by those that have stepped into their new identity and learned to sign the heavenly checks to draw on the abundance available to them by their family connection.

Words will be measured like never before. Slackness will diminish on every level, as God’s children become more mindful of the ways in which they are called to represent the Kingdom of heaven as kings and queens. Excellence in thought, word and deed, becoming of royal heirs will cause others to be drawn to Christ. Favor will be bestowed on God’s children. Wealth will be brought into the treasury of the faithful ones to be distributed to those in need. There will be an overflow out of the abundance of the house of the righteous.

I hear the Lord say, ‘2018 is a year of great freedom to the captives. Those that have lived in bondage to fear all of their lives will be translated into the kingdom of light.

God is preparing the soil of your heart to be fertile ground for the seeds of His promises that will bloom in 2018.

If 2017 didn’t see the fullness of what you had been believing for, dust yourself off, pull yourself up by your boot straps, put on your big kid undies, brush off all offense and despondency and get your hopes up!

Praise and pray! Put your hope in the Lord alone. Forget what lies behind. Stir yourself up. Get excited. Set your faith on the promises of God-He is not a man that He should lie. Press on to the GOOD things that are ahead. 

Let the Spirit move you at the impulse of His Love in all things, and the promises of God WILL come in on the waves of His mercy.