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Prophetic Word : August 2017

August is a month of the NEW! Old things have past away, behold, all things are made NEW. Trauma, waiting and confusion are being replaced with pleasures, fulfillment and clarity in measures that will require MORE from you than you are currently believing yourself capable of. I am pouring out My tangible blessing in moonsoon measures on those that will hear My voice, see the vision, and give Me their all. I want you to hand over ALL of your past disappointments, ALL of your grievances, and ALL of your doubts and unbelief. I am making you into a vessel fit for noble purposes. You are to be and do My will in the earth.


What I am releasing to you this day, week and month will extend over the next 40 day. A FRESH
anointing of power and provision is yours for the taking. I have released those things for which you have been praying within My will. You are no longer to slump over in a position of dashed hopes. Stand up! Wake up to the spiritual realities of abundance I have poured into your lap. There are traumatic events and setbacks that have not come from My hand but which I have allowed and am working for your good and My glory. Ask Me to open your eyes and ears to make clear how these things are a part of My plan of redemption in your life. I will speak to you in parables, symbols, dreams and visions in NEW ways as you open your heart fully to Me and your life to My ways.

At this exact moment there are angelic messengers of revelatory knowledge ready to release into your understanding the ways in which all things that have been being complete last month have transitioned, and are transitioning, into the NEW thing I have promised to do in your life. Ask and turn away from all that distracts from hearing My voice and open your hands to receive your prophetic insight into the deeper inner workings of your life circumstances.


Rise up and stir up your spirit with the excitement of the task at hand. The new season that has arrived will require you to act on your faith. Respond to those things that do not appear to have changed with the utmost confidence that you have received what you have asked for. You must walk forward, work hard and praise Me in confidence as you move from point A to point B, gathering and gleaning what you will need to have the provision released for your journey from point B to point C. When you have done your part while trusting Me to do what you can not do and moved from point B to point C, you will find what you need to move from point C to point D ripe for the harvest. Some are sitting in an ash heap at point A waiting for or bemoaning their arrival at point D. To them I say, “Get up, pick up your bed and walk!’ I am providing supernatural power and prophetic revelation to all those that are willing to trust that now is the day of salvation.


The NEW blessing and NEW ways that I am operating in your life this month will produce some soreness as you press into the task at hand. Just as a heavier weight requires more work to lift and can lead to muscular soreness, so My abundance will require more spiritual power to lift and may leave some feeling as if they are having to do more strenuous work. Do not shrink back in fear or misunderstand the uncomfort as if what I require is a hard thing. My grace is sufficient. As you practice receiving from Me MORE you will adjust and be able to appreciate the NEW thing without being distracted by that which is foreign and at times taking you out of your comfort zone. PRESS INTO THE PRESSURE.


For those that have been willing to drink from the cup from which I drink, I am promoting you through multiply levels of glory over the next 40 day and into a place of intimacy with Me that will make the responsibility that is being added to your life feel to you like the blessing that it is. You will no longer be bound by the lies of the enemy that stamp ‘Burden’ on what I have pronounced a BLESSING. This is not the month to hold back from Me. Give passionately and without restraint. Make room for Me to do a NEW thing by releasing ALL you have and ALL that you are into My capable hands. I am turning your understanding upside down. If you try to lean on it, do not be surprised when you feel let down and of balance. Do not be surprised by the way the NEWNESS of what I am doing seems strange and peculiar. I am eradicating from your life your tendency to be led by natural desires and inclinations and pouring through you heavenly perceptions you have not yet known.


The words systems, prince of the air, and flesh, not controlled by the power of My spirit, have conspired against many of you to keep you from My banquet table of abundant pleasures and from experiencing My joy which empowers those that are walking in it to rise above the bounds of the natural universe into the heavenly realm where I have called them to walk with Me through life.

This month many must, by an act of their will, make room to receive the NEW pleasures and NEW blessings by determining to make NEW decisions. Practical steps of obedience must be taken, particularly with the body, which is My temple here in the earth: NEW eating habits, NEW spending habits, NEW exercise habits, NEW relational habits, NEW habits of managing time.
Make way for the NEW thing that I am doing by releasing the OLD worn out methods of coping and reacting that are numbing your spiritual senses. WAKE up to the truth of My word and show Me, yourself and those around you that you are fully convinced My ways, which are higher than your ways, are able to accomplish in and through you what is needed to empower you to receive ALL the NEW and true PLEASURES and BLESSINGS I have commissioned for your provisioning in this season of ABUNDANT HARVEST!

Prepare to Launch

I know there has been quite an abundance of what appears to be false starts to your assignments, tepid responses to your faith-filled prayers, and inadequate growth of the seeds you have planted. You are looking at today’s conditions as if what can be measured by your mind is the outcome of your confidence. Place your confidence more fully on Me and My promises.

Now is the season I am launching you into the assignments of heaven allocated for you. If you are being moved by your circumstances to doubt that I will answer your prayers, step up higher and enter the fire of My Spirit. Allow My passionate love to consume your reservations that have you holding back from Me your whole heart. Courageously step into the heat and allow it to burn off the dross of your hesitation.

Your harvest has arrived. You have many fields and many crops. You are focusing on the wrong field, a field that is not yet in season and neglecting to go forth in excitement to gather the abundant overflow of the crops that have fully matured. You will need helpers to carry in the overflowing baskets of My provision. Understand this, if you have sown in every season, you will reap in every season. Continue to sow into your next seasons harvest but do not neglect to act in this season to tend the seed that has already been sown. In prayer and in diligence do the work of one that trusts that My hand of provision is always full and reaching out to you. Ask Me to open your eyes to what you have overlooked.

Watch as I lay at your feet the long awaited answer to your prayers. There have not been false starts; there have been needed lessons in order to prepare you for the take-off that is upon you. There are rocket ship launch times on the horizon. The testing and the test runs where necessary to prepare you to captain the ship into the new territories that I am bringing you into at the appointed time. Shake off the shackles of misunderstanding My purpose in your trial runs. They were not mistakes. Strategically we have worked out the kinks that would sabotage your unveiling.

Do not cling to the past or linger long over the memories of days gone by as if they represent where I am taking you or how far you will go. What was, will never be again. Where you are going, I alone know the way and am leading you with My strong hand of power and favor moving on your behalf to clear the way. There is no lack. There is no one that has the ability to abort this process that is leading to the best possible outcome but you. Let go of the false notion that anyone else is standing in your way. Pack your bags, leaving behind all the pointless clutter of yesterday and focus on the task at hand.

You have been handpicked for this mission. You have been trained. Drop the false humility; your lack of confidence does not please Me. I have chosen you, justified you, and equipped you for My purposes to be fulfilled through your life. Stand up and command the spirits of darkness that have come against you to cease and desist. You are no longer to doubt Me or doubt yourself. What I have promised you is coming to pass. Enough of the holding back. Leave behind all that is no longer serving My purposes for your life and step into the future that I have prepared for you today.