4 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: A Birth Announcement”

  1. You are such an accurate prophet, Emily! I am within about 2 weeks of a promise that was made to me 5 years ago coming to pass! I did not expect it would be this year and it has snuck up on me but I am literally organizing my house today to make room for it! I know that this moment in time will never be the same again. Thank you and congratulations on your baby!

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  2. Confirmed in my spirit, the birthing of his promises, upgrade, all the Father, has spoken over my life. Greatness, abundance, prosperity,
    Blessings, upon Blessings, to be a blessing and service for others,
    for I am in that season. Hallelujah !!!! Yes, it is Coming for me soon.
    Thank you Abba, I love you.


  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy and the child on the way! It’s so encouraging to see God’s promises fulfilled in you, and to know that the promises He’s given, He’s also bringing about. I, too, am at the beginning of the end of my wait, and have had so many indicators even this week. I am so grateful, but it is such a change from the holding pattern of nurturing things in prayerful faith. Now it’s time to take actual steps. Such an exciting season!

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