Prophetic Word for 2018: Kingdom People. Kingdom Purposes

Part 1 Prophetic Word for 2018:

God wants to do an amazing work in 2018 to accomplish His purposes in and through Kingdom minded marriages.

God is able to heal and restore your marriage. Invite Him to thaw frozen hearts by the warm breath of Holy Ghost breezing through your homes.

2018 is a year of new identity. There will be renewed commitments, purpose and passion in many marriages that have been floundering. Forgiveness and grace are the keys. Prayer will open the windows to allow the winds of a fresh anointing to blow away the ashes of yesterday and replace them with beauty.

It is imperative that you allow the Lord to heal your hurts, and restore your hope, by placing ALL of your expectations and demands for justice in God alone. Refuse to worry or doubt. God is moving to unveil treasures hidden in the rubble of past destructive patterns of relating and responding.

Settle once and for all in your heart that God is sovereign, and relinquish control into His capable hands. He is establishing individual battle plans and pouring out His wisdom and Kingdom strategy for marriage reconciliation.

There is a rebirthing in marriages. Marriages that have been body and soul only will be coming up higher into a Spirit connection and alignment for God’s purposes to be done.

Natural marriages will undergo a metamorphosis into covenant marriages.

Attacks will no longer be from within the walls of the camp. Unity under Christ’s leadership will shore up defenses. Forward momentum in mission minded matters will begin to accelerate. God’s plans will emerge and be made plain for the purpose of unifying couples through a shared calling.

Passion in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm will be ignited by the spontaneous excitement of new spiritual discoveries. Treasure seeking couples will strike veins of golden opportunities. God will pour out His abundant provision to enable these opportunities to be seized.

Many couples will travel overseas in 2018. I see a lot of motion as married couples; traveling for business, missions as well as for pleasure. ‘That’ place that has been on the radar of your imagination is now within reach. Unity and alignment, void of the distractions caused by operating in false identities, are catapulting couples ahead in the maturing of their marriages. The year(s) of stagnation are being unblocked and fresh waters will flow freely, carrying old debris away from the source of the refreshing fountain of the Spirit.

A return to Eden is underway. Shame will be eradicated. You must forgive. Go to God for healing. Refuse to look back and measure your chances for change by the measuring stick of past experiences.
2018 is a new year. God is carrying many people forward, 2 by 2, for His glory to be revealed through Kingdom marriages.

Part 2 Prophetic Word 2018:

In 2018 God is peeling away the old, dead nature to reveal the truth of the new creature in Christ you now are. People will step into the fullness of their new identities. People will begin operating from the position of their God given authority over the spiritual forces of darkness that have held them back from having everything Christ died for them to have in years past.

Old mindsets, habits, relationships and perceptions of God will be transformed, making way for new ways of thinking, acting, relating and viewing God.

Those that have felt common and ordinary, will experience themselves as royal and extraordinary. Believers will present themselves to the world as ambassadors for Christ- equipped with authority and full provision to conduct His business in the earth. Others will take notice of the change and their responses will shift to accommodate the new creature that is before them or they will be removed to make room for divinely aligned partners that are united for Kingdom purposes.

Inner circles will be changed to ensure like-minded connections are in place to accomplish a shared mission.

The accounts of heaven will be pulled from by those that have stepped into their new identity and learned to sign the heavenly checks to draw on the abundance available to them by their family connection.

Words will be measured like never before. Slackness will diminish on every level, as God’s children become more mindful of the ways in which they are called to represent the Kingdom of heaven as kings and queens. Excellence in thought, word and deed, becoming of royal heirs will cause others to be drawn to Christ. Favor will be bestowed on God’s children. Wealth will be brought into the treasury of the faithful ones to be distributed to those in need. There will be an overflow out of the abundance of the house of the righteous.

I hear the Lord say, ‘2018 is a year of great freedom to the captives. Those that have lived in bondage to fear all of their lives will be translated into the kingdom of light.

God is preparing the soil of your heart to be fertile ground for the seeds of His promises that will bloom in 2018.

If 2017 didn’t see the fullness of what you had been believing for, dust yourself off, pull yourself up by your boot straps, put on your big kid undies, brush off all offense and despondency and get your hopes up!

Praise and pray! Put your hope in the Lord alone. Forget what lies behind. Stir yourself up. Get excited. Set your faith on the promises of God-He is not a man that He should lie. Press on to the GOOD things that are ahead. 

Let the Spirit move you at the impulse of His Love in all things, and the promises of God WILL come in on the waves of His mercy.

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