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The #1 Thing That is Keeping Your Prayers from Being Answered & How to Overcome It.

Have you wondered why the prophetic words that have been spoken into your life don’t seem to be coming to pass? This Kingdom Living Bible study that will help you to gain a deeper understanding of what God reveals to us in His word about the different of prayer. This part 2 on a series on prayer is going to stretch you, mature you and help you to overcome obstacles to living the abundant life Christ died for you to have.

We Sow. We Water. God Brings the Growth.

Whenever the Lord leads you to speak the truth in love into someone else’s stronghold be aware that adding your own two sense can derail what God is wanting to do. Give the word time to work. Don’t cave into the temptation to help God out and keep talking once the Spirit is silent.

Once you allow your flesh to get involved, chances are it will also activate the fleshly pride of the other person. They will then be able to dismiss you as controlling, judgmental or unloving and throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak by clumping what the Spirit spoke with your carnal input.

Get out of God’s way and let the sword of the Spirit make its cut. When you need immediate acceptance and evidence of change more than you need to stay in tuned with the ways God works through you, you will miss many opportunities to be fruitful and affect change in other people and in your relationships.

We sow. We water. God brings the growth.

Savor the Life God Has Given You

There is such a strong temptation to compare our marriages, finances, looks, careers- basically anything in our lives to other people’s. It’s dangerous ground people. Comparison often produces covetousness, which leads to greed, bitterness, even hate and theft.

God has created us all with distinct differences in our genetic and life plan make-up. True joy and peace comes only from being in the center of God’s will for our own individual lives; this will include different things for different people.

One mother would be miserable working outside the home, while another would not reach her full potential without an outside career. One child is destined to go to college, while another is born for the arts or an inventor. One persons spouse is perfect for them, but would be a disaster for someone else. Each life is precious in His sight.

Savor your life. Rejoice with those that rejoice, knowing God has great plans for us all!!!

Oh that we would spend less time concerning ourselves with other peoples business and go about doing our Father’s specifically ordained business in our own lives. What bliss and oneness we would experience as a body, moving effortlessly with Christ as the head.

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Last night as the wind howled outside our window Dave and I marveled at the miraculous ways God is moving in our lives and the powerful word that He has been speaking to me over the last week. We finally drifted off to sleep with a deep sense of aw and excitement about the promise of God to melt the ice, thawing the hearts of people, and the winds that were being sent to part the waters of the sea before us and make a way where there seems to be no way.

I woke up several times last night from the noise of the wind and the stirring of the baby. Around 2am I saw a message from my mother, my sweet, precious, godly grandmother, age 98 went to be with the Lord a few minutes before midnight.

The timing for me was significant. I am praying, pondering, and will be sharing more over the next few days.

I will say this much. As devastating as the vote in the Senate tonight, there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. I earnestly pray that each and every person reading this will take courage, and be filled with hope.


There are people all around us that are seeing what is going on in this world that don’t know the Lord personally, but that have not hardened their hearts to His Spirit. We can not afford to let our righteous anger turn into sin. We must show mercy to those that don’t deserve mercy, those that like us, are dead in their sins and destine for hell unless they repent and receive the free gift of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let’s take this opportunity and examine our own hearts and lives in light of what we see as wickedness in high places being paraded as good.


Without assistance from us, without our prayers, without our evangelism, without sharing the lifesaving message of the Kingdom of God, there will be people that we could have helped to save, but didn’t. How can we say that we love God if we don’t love His lost children. And how can we say that we love His lost children if we are not willing to lay down our lives to be used as instruments’ of righteousness in God’s hands to do the work of His Kingdom?

Let us love mercy, fight for justice and hold ourselves to the same standard that we are holding others to in regards to the saving of human lives. I take some comfort that these innocent babies will go be with the Lord, but what about the adults we refuse to be a witness to?

Please watch the 2019 Prophetic Word I released. Power Conductors; The separation of Sheep & Goats. In 2019 a great multitude of souls will be harvested. Planned parenthood may harvest baby body parts for profit, but we can harvest an even greater number of souls for Jesus’s reward, God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.